Darts is now a profitable enterprise, with players competing in arenas packed to capacity and total prize money on offer at $8m per year. With 72 players from 20 different countries taking part, the scope for the game of darts has grown incomparably since the creation of the World Darts Council in 1992, known today as the PDC The World Darts Council. The Professional Darts Corporation estimates a potential audience of over 300 million worldwide, with media giants like Sky Sports, ESPN, OSN, RTL, and Fox providing coverage. Originally, Darts was a simple pastime of British Army soldiers but had over time become a favourite sport for hundreds of thousands of darters worldwide. While football, rugby, and cricket dominated the scene, darts have charted their path, becoming a second or third choice sport for many.

Primarily to sustain interest in the elite level of the darts game following the success of female professional darts player Fallon Sherrock, who became the first female to win a game in the 2020 PDC World Darts Championships. Secondarily, the PDC Home tour by Unibet provides the opportunity for PDC darts to market The elite game of darts to new audiences within the large sports market, which had been lacking live events in lockdown.

Every continent has bought into the modern-day game of darts, and opportunities are growing for every nation that wants them. For instance, Darts is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, while India is one of its fastest-growing nations. India needs a model, but darts betting odds at World Cups indicate one is not on its way. It is doubtful a massive amount of Indians would have natural brilliance right away, given the historical lack of experience with Darts in India. If India takes up the sport, there is no reason the World Series of Darts cannot stray from the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and Germany to visit India. Nitin Kumar is the only Indian player in the lineup, showing South-East Asia’s intense Darts scene.

Darts is cutthroat because of the spectacle’s thrill, making it ideal for fans that like to wager money on sports. Yes, they will achieve a higher profile within the darts sport, but they are already distinctly known across Asia thanks to their feats in the soft-tip end of darts. Of course, we want to see more players with Asian heritages locking horns with the best in the sport. Still, we cannot expect them to give up thousands upon thousands of pounds, live at home with family and arguably a country they treasure.