A new augmented reality (AR) experience has debuted at Holey Moley Golf Club in Darlinghurst, Australia, allowing visitors to compete in a range of unique games.

La Di Darts, developed by Funlab, the same team behind popular games and amusements such as Strike Bowling and Holey Moley, combines the real and digital worlds through the use of interactive projection technology.

Groups of up to six people can reserve their own private oche (the term used to describe the throw line in darts), along with luxurious lounge chairs and other Roaring Twenties-inspired furnishings.

A uniquely constructed dartboard with interactive projection technology is located at the end of each lane.

According to Broadsheet, visitors can choose from four different games during their 60–90-minute time windows, including Killer and 301. Scores are automatically stored electronically, so there’s no need to worry about someone trying to pull a fast one.

“Another fun element of La Di Darts that differs from the traditional game is the opportunity to personalize your experience – players can take [photos] and assign their own pictures to avatars to be featured on the big screen, which are perfect for a humble brag when they bag a bullseye,” said Jensen Macdougall, Funlab’s operations manager while speaking to Broadsheet.

With this and the SPARK Augmented Reality Bowling experience we reported about last week, projection mapping sports appear to be experiencing a quiet revival.

Combining immersive technology with real-world sports may be just what location-based entertainment facilities need to increase pandemic traffic by providing visitors with an experience that is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate at home.

Bookings for La Di Darts are now available at ladidarts.com.au for individuals who happen to be in the Darlinghurst region. On Friday and Saturday, groups of four or more are accepted, while groups of two or more are accepted from Thursday through Sunday.


In the meanwhile, Beau Greaves, 18, fulfilled her dream of becoming a World Champion by winning the 2022 WDF Lakeside Women’s World Championship with a 4-0 victory over Kirsty Hutchinson.

Hutchinson only won one leg and was more of a spectator throughout the competition while Greaves posted an incredible 92 average and five 180’s. Beau N Arrow has gone from having dartitis that may have ended her career to becoming a World Champion.